Copywriting, Content Creation and Proofreading Services

What if I told you that copywriting is what makes somebody buy something?

That copywriting is what keeps a customer on your website long after the design loses their attraction?

That copywriting is what makes a customer trust in your brand and your product?

Well, that’s exactly what it is. A blend of wordiness wizardry and science to persuade a reader to take a certain action; whether that be part with their email address, share something, or ultimately, make a purchase.

The copy you see on billboard adverts, in newspapers, on Facebook adverts and website pages—it’s all a form of copywriting. If done right, copywriting is extremely powerful. If done poorly, it’s also incredibly powerful… but for all the wrong reasons. You could damage your brand significantly with bad copy, whether that’s in the form of poor wording or inaccurate spelling and grammar which can completely change the meaning of what you’re trying to say.

While everyone can write, not everyone can write well. And most certainly, not everyone can write copy that hooks a reader and persuades them to take a certain action.

How Stacey B Copywriting can help

There are many different forms of copywriting, from taglines and adverts to white papers and e-books. I specialise in long-form copywriting and content writing which will not only help your SEO, but help increase conversions and establish you as an industry thought leader.


Blog posts & articles

A regularly updated, well-written blog will not only help with SEO and getting you found in the first place, it will also help set you up as an industry thought-leader and a trustworthy source for information, guidance, and advice. The power of a blog should never be underestimated; it has huge potential. Even if it’s … Continue reading Blog posts & articles

Feature articles

Most industries have leading publishers and magazines and getting featured in them (especially on their website, complete with a follow link) can be particularly tricky. That’s where you need feature articles and editorial services. Whether it’s a long form article (1500 words plus) or short features, it has to be well written with the publishers’ … Continue reading Feature articles

Website copy

Your website is your online presence, the pinnacle of online sales. So what is on it is absolutely vital to whether visitors become customers. Not only does your website need to get you found on your target keywords, but it has to engage visitors to keep them on page long enough for them to have … Continue reading Website copy


Blog posts, articles, landing pages. They are all prone to word misuse, typos, and grammatical errors. And a lot of the time—especially when we write things ourselves—the errors go unnoticed. So if you’re unsure of your compliment or complement, your SEO or your seo, then get in touch. Not only will my proofreading service ensure … Continue reading Proofreading

Tone of Voice

Tone of voice. Your brand personality. How much thought have you actually given it? Because if it’s not something you have even considered, you need to stop right there and contact me now. Your tone of voice is what is going to connect you with your ideal customers. It’s what is going to spark that … Continue reading Tone of Voice